Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bidding Wars

It's been awhile since the last update, but not a whole lot exciting has gone on until very recently. Colleen and I went around a few more drafts with our architect. A couple of small things changed:
  • We came up with a pretty ingenious solution to our venting problem. We are going to run the main vent from the air handler down behind the toilet.
  • We added a porch to our new entry way.
  • We changed both entry way closet doors to face toward the entrance rather than out into the room.

So, nothing really major. The big news now is that we have our final plans! Shortly after we got the plans, our architect's company gave us their bid. It was higher than we were hoping but not really higher than we had been expecting based on previous versions of the bid and changes that we were making.

Now, let the bidding wars begin. We have two other places to which we are planning to bid the plans. Hopefully they'll come in with a better number. I'm anxious to get to some actual ground breaking so I have some better stuff to put on this blog:-) Stay tuned.

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