Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Out of the House

Since this really is a blog about the addition and not a general 'The Life and Times of Bruce and Colleen' blog, I won't dwell too much on our Europe trip. But I'll give you the gist and then share just a few pictures because we got some really nice shots.

We started out flying into Geneva where we met up with some college friends of mine and headed to our first major destination: Flaine (pronounced Flin). Flaine is a ski town in the French alps. The snow was good, the scenery was awesome, but the mountain was way too 'natural' for my liking (natural means they don't cut trails, so there are lots of places that are uphill). I nearly killed myself on the last day trying to get some nice pictures, but that's another story. For now, just enjoy the photos.

After Flaine, we spent two days on panoramic trains (basically all glass) and headed through the glaciers of Switzerland to the northern border of Italy. When you are in a train with nothing to do but stare at great scenery, you take a lot of pictures, here are but a few:

Once in Italy we spent about a day and a half in Florence:

And then a few days in Rome before flying home.

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