Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moulding Day

Even before I first put in the great room floor I knew that there was no way I would get to the moulding anytime in the near future. It's a surprisingly time intensive job, especially if you want it to look nice. Also, Jeremy and Duncan had once again agreed to help me. Jeremy with his nail gun, and Duncan with his 'mad moulding skills.' So it took awhile to finally find weekend days we were all free, but the moulding is down now, and it looks great.

I will take this opportunity for a quick analysis of Jeremy and Duncan and why they make such a great team to help with projects. First, they work for beer, which I tend to already have in great supply. More importantly however, is how they compliment each other.

Jeremy showed up to my house first. He brought an air compressor, a nail gun, a saws-all, a miter saw, a Drimmel, and a tool box big enough for a toddler to build a fort inside of. Duncan brought three coping saws, each one smaller than the last. I'm not sure exactly what the smallest one is supposed to be used for, it may have actually been a cheese slicer.

So while Jeremy is measuring and cutting eight foot long strips of moulding and nail gunning them into the wall, Duncan is delicately carving corner pieces and half inch sections to fit in the tiniest nook and/or cranny. When trouble areas arise they tend to both think of solutions in opposite directions too. Jeremy's solutions often require rebuilding large portions of the house, while Duncan is always certain that, given enough time and a sharp enough knife, he could whittle a piece of moulding down to the molecular level and it will fit just fine. Surprisingly, they never seem to argue about these things and really do a heck of a job. If you have construction work and beer, I highly recommend them.

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