Friday, October 2, 2009

Crystal Ball

Telling the future is a tricky thing. Predicting what things will be like on an exact date is even harder. One thing I know for sure is that B and B XII will take place in the new addition on October 31st. The big question is: what will the addition look like then?

Here’s how things will probably play out. The plumber is almost done with the rough-in plumbing and the electricians only have a few more things to put in. That means we could be getting all that inspected by the end of the week. Once that passes inspection, they put in the insulation and then it gets inspected, then the dry wall goes up. In the meantime, the retaining wall is scheduled for this weekend. Once it is done, they will be able to do the final grade which allows them to install the heat pump (and hopefully re-seed what used to be the lawn). If everything works out nicely, that means they will have heat and/or AC to help dry out the dry wall. That means we should have a huge heated, unpainted room with a concrete floor on which to host the party, and that’s a pretty perfect scenario for a party that is notorious for the damage it does.

The crystal ball is a little murkier when I try to look into it and see the kitchen. Our PM doesn’t think our cabinets will be in yet, but by my calculations they’ll be arriving days before the party. This would pretty much be a worst case scenario. The counter tops don’t get ordered until the cabinets are in and our sink is actually going to be part of our counter. So we could possibly have brand new expensive cabinets totally exposed and no kitchen sink. That would be a bad scenario. Either way, we’ll have fun!

Vene apisere aliquod

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