Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Days of Rain Without Leaks: 1

While dryness has an awful lot of utility, it didn't quite seem in the spirit of the Lost Utility Tracker. You can blame it on the rain, but I blame it on the roofers (and if they mind, they can bite me).

While Bruce slept soundly Monday night, I was awakened by heavy rain. After a long consultation with the angel on my left shoulder and the devil on my right, I dragged myself up to see where we needed buckets THIS time. [I know those of you with kids are already thinking this is NOT newsworthy.] I spent about ten minutes with a flashlight upstairs and downstairs checking ceilings, walls, closets, outlets, and light switches, all of which have previously had water dripping/pouring out of them. The only dampness I found was a couple of slightly dark spots in the ceiling that I was almost certain had been freshly spackled that day and just hadn't fully dried.

I crawled back in bed and eventually stopped thinking about the wet spots and the beads of water that could be forming at that very minute. When we got up in the morning (and I explained to Bruce why on earth I was on my tiptoes poking at the ceiling in my pajamas), the dark spots were either smaller or gone. And after a full day of rain yesterday, our buckets remain dry!

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