Friday, July 31, 2009

Fair Warning

Monday and Tuesday were relatively quiet days for a change. Two big loads of framing wood arrived, but no work was done. After the walkway incident, it was good to have a bit of a break. Wednesday the framing crew was out in force and our Architect was there to give them the big idea. We met with him briefly. After a few questions we learned that they planned to tear down the kitchen wall two days later and with some prodding, made our Architect realize (and confirm our suspicions) we needed to pack up everything on that wall. One wonders what would have happened Friday morning if we hadn’t had that conversation, because no one seems to consider that there’s a living kitchen on the other side of that wall.

Since Colleen and I have volleyball Wednesday nights, that left one night to clear out half our cabinets and move enough furniture to put the fridge on the other side of the room. Colleen and I didn’t exactly demand that they give us another day, but we made it pretty clear that one night was not really enough time and we would appreciate it if they could delay for a day or two. Fortunately, the next morning I talked to our Architect again and he said they had come up with a few more things they could do to stall the wall removal and give us one last weekend without a hole in our house. Whew . . .

Colleen and I did actually get a lot done last night, but we were very happy we didn’t have to finish completely. As of this morning at 9am, the wall was just barely there. The siding and outside layer of plywood was off and Tyvec was up to keep out the weather. It’s very weird to be able to see daylight seeping through your electrical sockets.

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