Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paula Abdul & Peter Griffin

After two days of construction on the addition, I've learned that there are good days, and bad days, and days where you just fight to keep your head above water. Its those latter kind of days that remind me of the wisdom of Peter Griffin and Paula Abdul:

As you may recall from yesterday, our place was without water for the night, but Colleen's parents did have water. Today, the plumber came out (step forward) and said he'd have to break through the footer they just laid yesterday to fix the broken pipe (step back) and then he left without actually doing any work (step back). The county tax assessor also came out. He said that he could lower our tax assessment (see previous entry: Money II) (step forward). Later in the day, the cap on the broken pipe ceased to hold (step back) which was then later recapped (step forward). So we pretty much ended the day the same place we started, only with slightly lower taxes and the looming problem of having to jackhammer open and the repour part of the footer.

Good luck getting Paula and Peter out of your head.


  1. So what do you think are the odds that when the addition is done they will come out and assess your place more than the original bad assessment?

    As the oracle says, "what's really gonna bake your noodle is..."

    THEN...if you didn't ask them to come out and do the assessment over for your house now, would they have known to do another assessment on the house and the new addition in the first place or would it have slipped by them quietly :)

    Glad your having fun with the construction.

  2. We have always assumed the assement will go up when the addition is done, it does add significant value to the house after all.

    We also assumed that the housing permit people probably talk to the tax assosors office and let them know somebody is adding on 1,000 sq ft, so we didn't think we could somehow fly under the radar of big brother. At least this way we get one year of cheaper taxes and a lower starting point when they add on the addition.