Sunday, July 5, 2009

If at first you succeed. . .

. . . try, try again.

Given our two week deadline from the excavator, we've been trying to take care of a few loose ends so the digging will cause as little disruption to our life as possible. To that end, I called our cable provider about a week and a half ago. [I don't want to mention their name, so for the purpose of this blog, I'll just call them Komcast.] Komcast gave us a pretty quick appointment (only two business days later), but a 'window' of 8am to 8pm. Fortunately, Colleen's dad is on his summer schedule so he was able to hang out until 4:30 when they showed up. The original intent was for Komcast to run a cable from a different pole in a different corner of the yard so as not to cross directly underneath the future addtion. When they came out, they said that wasn't possible and instead ran a very long trail all the way around the yard so they could avoid the digging area. They guy didn't bother to bury the cable saying that it would be fine to drive over and when the construction was done Komcast could come back out and run it into the addtion. Cool deal, good experience, all is well, check that off the to-do list.

Four days later while no one was home (makes you wonder why they give you a window at all), they came back out and buried the new line, but not where it was laid. They burried it directly over the old line. For those of you keeping score at home, that's two lines in the wrong place, zero lines in the right place: Komcastic! I called them back immediately and was promised a prompt return phone call. I'll let you know how that goes.

In a completely unrelated story, here is a picture of my grill. I spent two hours cleaning it today and wanted to make sure someone got to admire it.


  1. Good job on the grill cleaning! I prefer to call them Craptastic after the speed bump in our driveway (it only took like 50 phone calls and 8 months to get it fixed), good luck with them coming back out! I can't wait to see more pics and progress!

  2. I thought you had Directv? or is this for internet?

    Also, best stuff for cleaning grills ever (other than Barkeeper's Friend) right here:\