Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marching Priests and Sounding Trumpets

It's starting to feel a bit like the seventh day in Jericho around here (religion major gotta throw in a Bible reference once in awhile; Joshua 5:20): the walls are tumbling down. Two walls bit the dust yesterday. We took out the small wall immediatley to your left as you entered the house. It didn't really have much need to be there and we thought it would make that entry way feel a bit more open.

Second and more notably, the partial wall that was still existing under the big I-beam is now gone. Its absense leaves a 10 foot span with nothing but a thin sheet of clear plastic in its place.

As the kitchen slowly begins to take on its much larger form, Colleen and I are forced to use less and less of it. We lost another cabinet the other day, and the counter near the sink is basically part of the construction zone these days, so it can only be used sparingly. Its an unfortunate side effect and not a trend that is likely to reverse any time soon. We do have some great renderings of what the future cabinet layout will look like though, someday I'll make a blog out of them. . .

Also in the news: The roofers arrived! They aren't quite done yet, but they have done most of the roofing at this point and hopefully will finish before any more rain shows up.

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