Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life in the Bubble

What the last two weeks lacked in productivity, this week made up for. I'm pretty worn out from volleyball this morning and helping Meghann and Duncan get their house ready for market on Monday (link to be inserted when house is listed), so I'm going to keep this brief and let the pictures do most of the talking.

First, the siding is now all done and it looks great. Here is a look at the rarely photographed patio side of the addition. This picture also shows that the final window has gone in. The little one on the second floor right in the middle of the picture was added to the guest bedroom.
Not only did they put in that new window, but they finally cut the door from the old upstairs to the new upstairs so we (and the construction guys) no longer have to climb through the window to get into the new master bedroom. Because they were doing all this work on that wall, they put up a wall of plastic in the room to keep the dust at bay. It's was a very nice thought, but it really gives you the feeling that you are carrying some sort of highly infectious disease or were horribly irradiated or something. Here's a shot of the new door and window from inside the bubble.
The big push to put the new door in was so that they could bring up the new tub! To get ready, they already built the box for it. Colleen is particularly excited about this part. Here we are sitting in the future location of the tub.

While the carpenters were working on the walls, the HVAC guy was here climbing around above them. All the new venting was put in this week. As an added bonus, for less than a thousand bucks, we were able to get central heat/air to all the upstairs rooms on Colleen and my side of the house. I don't have any pictures of that because, quite frankly, it's boring to look at.

Another thing that's boring to look at but was a good deal is our new gas tank. Our plumber warned us that the pressure our current tank was able to put out was not going to be sufficient for our future needs. So we called up the gas company and had them come out. For only $800 they are going to bury a new 400 gallon tank and run the line up to the house for us. This also made Colleen's mom very happy as it will get the current gas tank out of her flower bed and out of our future patio. After so many things in a row where we felt like we were over paying, it was nice to get a few things we thought were deals.

I'll leave you with the standard weekly update picture. Notice that it still has no roof on it (promised for Friday and then for Saturday). Hopefully that will happen next week. Lots of work to the kitchen is supposed to happen next week as well. They are set to take down the little wall (immediately to your left as you wall in) and frame in under the big beam (currently just a big ugly hole with blue styrofoam in it).

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