Monday, November 2, 2009

Glimpsing the Future

The addition hosted its first party this past weekend! B and B Party XII was a big success.

Our PM did get a cleaning crew out here on Thursday and they did a heck of a job (they even cleaned the windows for crying out loud). I also took the day off to help turn the addition from a construction zone into a suitably hospitable environment for 35ish people. It was actually great to see the place (mostly) cleaned up for just a few days and get some hints of what it will be like when it is all done. For the first time ever we took the plastic down between the kitchen and the greatroom. The greatroom is definitely a great room to hold a party. Just think what it will be like when it has electricity! The new bedroom got its first use. We slept five guests in the new bedroom (and two in the guest bedroom, and one in the living room). Here's one picture of the master bedroom. Notice how big it looks even with a king air mattress in it. I'll post some more good addition pictures as I get them and have more time.

In other addition news, the tub arrived early Friday morning and was dragged upstairs today. It still isn't inside it's little box yet, but they did put some cement backerboard around it where it will go so that it can be tiled once its in. Gutters were installed Friday. I have a feeling that we could be getting our new cabinets this week, but our PM has been MIA since Wednesday, so it's a little hard to tell. Stay tuned. . .

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