Saturday, August 29, 2009

Minor Achievements

At the time of the last update, our kitchen was slowly being turned into a marshland due to the leaky not-quite-on-yet roof. The bad news is, we still don't have a roof. The good news is, the roofers did come out and do a more thorough job of tar-papering the roof and fixed some spots that were completely overlooked the first time. It rained pretty hard Thursday night (only hours after they finished the job) and there was no sign of water. I guess that'll do for now. There is also no siding yet, which was promised for last week and then promised for today.

So what has been done? Well, they finished putting all the windows (except for a new one that will go in the current guest bedroom) and the installed the new doors (front door pictured below). They also did quite a bit of general cleanup which made the new room look absolutely huge (also pictured below). All in all, not the most productive week, but not a total waste.

The coming week should be interesting. We expect to have the new quote for the cabinets soon. The plumber is due on Monday, and the roof and siding should go on (no really, this time I mean it). Stay tuned . . .

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