Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away; Come Again . . .

When we have a freakin’ roof! It rained a lot outside this weekend which was really good for the water supply and the plants. Unfortunately, it also rained a lot inside this weekend which was really not good for anything. There were two major downpours and during both we had water literally pouring out of the upstairs ceiling and raining down our faux kitchen wall. So far, it doesn’t look like major damage has been done, but it’s hard to tell with water damage. We snapped lots of pictures including one of water running out of an electrical socket (never a good thing), water dripping from multiple places on the ceiling, and just general towel/bucket madness. Hopefully the roof will be on soon.

On a brighter note, a lot of work was done this past week and the roofers should be here any day now (hopefully before Thursday when they are calling for more thunderstorms). Here is your weekly update picture.

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