Saturday, August 15, 2009

Raising the Roof

On second thought, I think I like this blog title even better than the last.

Rather than put more holes in our yet-to-be weatherproofed house, our PM decided to let our framing guys work on another project for a few days. After a few peaceful days of sleeping in for Colleen and me, it was back early morning hammering on Thursday when the joists arrived. By quitting time Friday, they had put on the small overhang on the downstairs, raised half the trusses for the upstairs, and assembled our 'front' porch (technically located on the side of the house). We haven't gotten official word, but we're hoping that the roofer will be able to make it out next week and we can get to a point where this thing is more or less weatherproofed. The doors and windows arrived over the course of the last few weeks and are now taking up some significant space in our carport. I love the new front door.

A couple of different pictures today. First, the (now required) weekly exterior update shot:
Here is a little better view of the new front porch. Cute as a button isn't it?
Here is the rarely pictured rear of the addition (future location of patio) showing off the newly added small roof overhang.

I've mentioned in previous blogs the temporary 'wall' that is up where our kitchen wall used to be. It's made solely of blue styrofoam and spray insulation. Not bad for keeping out the wind and rain, but when the sun shines in during the morning hours, it creates a really creepy blue glow.

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