Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy 4 Month Birthday

I like the format of my blog a few weeks ago where I basically do lots of mini-blogs. Mostly I like it because it's easier on me, and ultimately, that's really what its all about. So hold on to your seats, here we go again rapid fire style . . .

Tile Death Do Us Part
(New favorite blog title). Seven weeks ago Colleen and I went to the flooring place and picked out the carpet for the bedroom, the vinyl flooring for the bathroom, and the tile that will go around our shower and tub. For the tile, Colleen wanted something in a beige marble look and I wanted something in a white marble look. I think beige looks dirty, she thinks white looks like a museum. We found a white tile with beige veining which satisfied us both and we were very happy for that.

Four days ago I got a call from the flooring place saying that they had just gotten word from our PM to go ahead and place the order and that our tile was backordered by six weeks. The irony is of course that if the order had been placed when we picked it, it would have already been here. Anyway, they asked us to come in and pick something else out. So Thursday, Colleen and I headed back into the show room certain they would not have anything else to satisfy us both. The bad news is, they didn't; the good news is, she caved so we are getting white marble:-) The other bad news is that the next day we got a call saying that this tile was back ordered by more than three weeks! By this point, we were tired of picking tile, so basically we are just going to have to wait a little longer to finally use our shower and tub.

Making the Grade
So you loyal readers out there may remember that the rationale for not having heat the B and B Party was that they couldn't put in the heat pump until they had done the final grade. This made sense to me since the heat pump should go about two feet above where the ground currently is. The current date for grading is Monday morning. In a little twist however, the heat pump has already been installed. Unfortunately the thermostat has not. What this means is that the heat pump is in the way of grading AND not providing us any heat. Awesome. I'm anxious to see how they do the grading now since they are going to have waaaay too much dirt unless they uninstall the pump, move it while they grade, and then reinstall it (see the weekly update picture below).

On Deck
Our PM says that not only is grading scheduled for Monday but that our cabinets are due to arrive Monday afternoon. I find this fascinating based on the current state of our kitchen: the old washer/dryer plumbing is still installed, there are huge sections of undrywalled wall and ceiling etc. Anyway, Colleen and I are packing up what is left of our kitchen this weekend so they can take out the old and put in the new. I'm hopeful that the new cabinets will be installed within the week and the counters within two weeks of that. I'm sure in three weeks I'll be rereading this blog thinking, "I was such a fool."
Although I haven't been told this specifically, I think they are going to do the final trim work in the great room and bedroom sometime soon. This will allow Colleen and I to paint which will allow them to put in the flooring. At this point, I don't know when all the addition work will be done, but I do feel like I can see all the steps lining up to get it done, and that's exciting.

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