Friday, November 27, 2009

Painting: Day 2

What better way to celebrate with your family on Thanksgiving than by making them do manual labor? Colleen and I put together some lofty goals this weekend and to meet them all, we needed some help. The electrician is due out tomorrow to install the electrical sockets, switches, and lights. Since lights are annoying to paint around, we wanted to get as many of the ceilings painted as possible before he arrived. He'll also likely install the vanity light which means we'd like to have the bathroom painted. And in the great spirit of 'while you're at it' we decided to try to get primer up in the great room and the master bedroom. Colleen's parents have been a big help the last two days and my mom is due to show up tomorrow.

So far we're doing okay on our goals. We have at least one coat of paint on all the surfaces that lights will be installed on. The kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom ceilings are done, and we hope to have the bathroom wall and one or two of the closet ceilings done by the time the lights are installed tomorrow. See some highlights of the fun below.

With no light, painting at night involves worklights and creepy shadows.

Paul powered through the entire ceiling of the great room in one shift.

Rhema performs what has become the least favorite activity: cleaning the walls.

This was just as comfortable as it looks.

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