Saturday, November 28, 2009

Painting: Day 3

Today was productive, but not quite as productive as we had hoped. I can certainly say it was not from a lack of effort though. Here's a quick recap: the bathroom and two of four closets are completely done; the master bedroom is primed, taped, and ready for its first coat of color; the greatroom is half primed (we ran out of paint). Tomorrow the bedroom will get color and the greatroom will get two coats of ceiling paint.

Colleen's dad took the day off from painting to hunt. To fill in for him, we brought in my mom. We got quite a few pictures of her today, but none of her face. I think that's because she spent almost every minute here facing a wall putting down tape or paint. That's her on the right (guess from which side of my family I got my height).

Our electrician was here working hard for at least 8 or 9 hours and still didn't get everything done. Again though, there are some highlights: the kitchen and master bedroom are completely wired (including our awesome new ceiling fan); elsewhere all of the switches and outlets are in, but few of the lights have been installed. The lights that are installed look pretty sweet. Hopefully our electrician will be back again soon to finish up.

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