Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paint by Numbers (Painting: Day 4)

Days: 4
Pizzas: 2
Parents Roped into Helping: 3
Beers: 15 (estimate, probably low)
Gallons of paint: 14
Square feet painted: 6160 (440 sq ft per gallon); 0.14 acres
Square feet of ceiling: 2714
Painters tape applied: 1620 feet; 0.3 miles
Holy crap am I tired of painting. On the bright side, we did actually accomplish all of our goals. Every surface that is going to have a light installed on it has had two coats of paint (and a coat of primer) applied to it. We actually have some significant painting yet to do, but this certainly got us most of the way to the finish line. The only thing that we still need to paint in order for the construction company to finish their work is the trim in the bedroom and bathroom which should be more of a one-two day project. The bathroom is done, the bedroom is done, the great room ceiling is done (so . . . much . . . ceiling), the closets are done. Eventually we need to finish the greatroom and repaint the stairwell and the guest room, but let's not dwell on that right now.


  1. Wow - you guys have gotten a lot done! And I love the green (shocking, isn't it?). I can't wait to see it all when I'm out there for New Year's... hope you don't mind that i just invited myself over.

  2. Nah, we'll have to host a non-New Year's party or something. Hopefully we'll even have FLOORS by then!